Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Getting Into the Spirit of the Season!

I mean, of course, the wantlist making. When it comes to 2012 Topps base Braves, I haven't been shy about accepting cards. I have (variations excluded) a complete team set of Topps S1 for 2012. I will be putting up an S2 wantlist soon, but here is my Update wantlist for Braves right now:

US2 Kris Medlen
US41 Juan Francisco
US56 Matt Diaz
US103 Jack Wilson
US153 Paul Maholm, got it
US159 Ben Sheets
US166 Chipper Jones All-Star
US232 Andrelton Simmons RC
US250   Cristhian Martinez
US268 Craig Kimbrel All-Star
US311 Dan Uggla All-Star
US314 Eric O'Flaherty

Let me know if you can help me out, and vice versa!

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