Friday, December 7, 2012

Call it an Early Christmas Present

I have an inkling I'm getting into a bit of rut of using worn-out Christmas phrases for blog post titles. Ought I consider this phenomenon? Bah, Humbug! On an odd and slightly random note (random asides are always the best, amiright?), Mike Kenny of So, do you like...Stuff? is reviewing strange and little-known holiday specials. It's an exercise in hilarity. I advise you to head on over that way once you finish reading this post.

William of Foul Bunt recently mailed me a large, flat envelope. Much too big for baseball cards, say. What might be inside?



Admit it, you can't avoid staring at the '70s sideburns. Don't know about you-I think of Fillmore any time I hear "'70s."
Once opened, I pulled out this nice-sized poster of an unnamed guy (I'm assuming not a Brave player himself) with a Goody's ad for a hat, and a 1976 Braves Schedule! Cool stuff.

You can't see it from the scan, but the text sandwiched between the "June" and "September" calendars on the right side lists promotional dates for the Braves' home games in '76. These include "Old Tyme Cap Day," and "Don Davidson Night" (the Braves traveling secretary) along with the more dubious-sounding "Halters for Ladies." Um. Don't forget about "Belt Night," "Farmers Night" (Anyone wearing overalls gets $1 off admission), and the always-exciting "Equipment Bag Night." Amusing...

Apparently this isn't the only Goody's Braves schedule from the mid-to-late '70s, either. An eBay auction for this one from 1977 has a BIN of $40. Pic of said poster:

Stolen Borrowed images rule the day.

William attached a note: "James, I promised this to you a while back, but here is the 1977 Braves schedule I found. It's a bit rough, but I hope you still like it." Classy. Background: Several months ago William sent me an e-mail about the poster saying he found it and would be interested in sending it my way. No objections from me. The Goody's poster actually goes great with another piece of Braves memorabilia I acquired some time ago. I'll save it for a future post.

Thanks to William, and adios to all of you!


William said...

I'm glad you liked it man. Funny thing is, I have that other poster you pictured. I promised it to another friend of mine. Not only that, but I had a third posted that I gave to ANOTHER friend about a year or two ago. I got lucky, they were inside this old run down gas station that was about to be torn down. They had been stapled to the wall, a simple flat-head screwdriver took care of that. I'm just glad you liked it and Merry Christmas buddy.

mkenny59 said...

Hey, thanks for the pub, and nice post! I thoroughly enjoy that Goody's motto is "They are good," and also: headache powder? Nice work, 70s.