Monday, November 19, 2012

Quite Possibly the Weirdest Post About Packing Materials Ever Written.

(As of the writing of this post, the blog has about 4498 views. Something tells me a contest is in order for the big 5-0-0-0. What do you think?)

"So Close" to 5000 views!
I know that baseball card bloggers (all rise!) are amazing packagers. I've seen baseball card packages that seriously belonged in an art museum as defying space, reason, and time. As for me, I don't claim to do anything but get the job done. I know some of you are like that too. I've seen bubble mailers filled with the traditional toploaders, painter's tape, and mini boxes, and some with baseball card packs for packaging, Scotch tape, and perhaps a stray hair. That's all cool-in no way do I want to call anyone out or criticize. In fact, I sort of appreciate the funky packages more because of their added "character." That said, I wanted to give a little disclaimer, in case any questions are raised about my future bubble mailers to be mailed.

Just before the Election, I received in the mail a package of a few bumper stickers. Cool, thought I, seeing as I collect the things from campaigners of all stripes, colours, and temperaments. The next day, I received oh, about 50 more.

You read that right. Oh, and about 75 pamphlets.

What to do, I thought, beginning to sweat. Surely I'm not expected to distribute these, say, on street corners?!

Yeeah, no.
  Yeah, no. So, being the practical gent I am, I thought: "Well, they'd make a good tape substitute." This was not so much my ingenuity as my noticing that the sticker-mailer had done the same thing on the mail package to me.

All this to say, for those of you who receive a Rocky Anderson 2012 bumper sticker used as tape in a trade package, neither dismay nor rejoice. Head-scratching, however, is totally allowed. Not out of support, or lack thereof, necessarily, (no politics darn it!) but out of sheer pragmaticism do I utilize these stickers. In my humble opinion, they actually do look pretty sharp.

Overall this has been a rather odd campaign cycle. Humorous, though! You know somewhere, Vermin Supreme is smiling.

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