Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Box of Chocolates from William

As a native of the same state as the fictional Forrest Gump, I have heard my share of lines, references, et ceterae from the movie. Not having seen it, however, I was a little wary of posting about it (albeit indirectly). But pragmaticism prevailed, as I couldn't think of another good title.

William of Foul Bunt, has a good rep for sending generous card packages. There's often a good mixture of stuff, but it's unpredictable (in a good way) as to what's inside the package:
For example, it could be a pile of 87 Topps (Hey, I could put several Braves team sets together out of these!)
Or some 81 Donruss...
Or 2012 Bowman Platinum! You get the idea. Regarding BP, my favorite part of these cards is that they scan cool-ly. Just looking at the card, the background is dark blue-ish or black. That's neat, anyway.
Chrome rounds it out. Some Chrome cards pop a little better than others, and these do so. Hoping Uggla and B-Mac can pick it up next year...
(I'm pretty sure this is the clearest scan I've ever made.)

Sum Kimbrel! The chrome's the actual card that launched a blog post title. The back of said card states that Craig watches Forrest Gump "at least twice a month." As a fellow Alabamian, and Braves fan, I don't think I can not like the guy.
These Team Pinnacle cards have no "card back", at least not in theory. I say Greg Maddux gets precedence over Jack McDowell, though, don't you?
A Schafer RC! I believe I received this several weeks ago. Today I got a TTM auto back from
Jordan and it is also posted alongside the other card photo. Speaking of being in the right place at the right time....
 A ginormous Chipper...

 A classy Hudson...
And a dual Chipper/Francouer card. Um, anyone care to explain the origin of this set? Maybe I'm just not used to seeing Chipper get the "Larry Wayne" treatment.
 A glossy, reprinted, card-your-mother-threw-out non-Rookie card of Chipper Jones. *Breath*

 Randy Johnson in the mix! What, you say he's a pitcher? You must be thinking of somebody else.

The square area of these two Bowman Heritage cards is roughly equivalent to seven cards of regular thickness. Being Rookie cards, one of whom is of an underrated star, this is perfectly okay.

Thanks to William for the package!

Gotta run!


William said...

The set you questioned was, I believe, 2006 Topps CoSigners. I bought a box of it when I was helping out at the card shop way back then and I haven't seen a whole lot of that year since then. Onceof those sets Topps did with a ton of serial numbered cards... and a lot of dual signatures... Glad you liked the stuff man. As far as Forrest Gump goes, the movie is good, yet highly overrated compared to the movie it somehow beat for Best Picture that year: Pulp Fiction and a personal favorite, The Shawshank Redemption.

Chunter said...

Cool, Thanks William!