Tuesday, April 3, 2012

TTM Success: Ryan Tannehill

Yeah, so it's my first *real* post and it has nothing to do with the Braves. I was pleased to see we acquired Juan Francisco the other day though. Looking forward to Opening Day! (The event, not the cards.)

Yesterday I was going through the mail and found this TTM request had found its way home:

Awesome! For those of you who either don't know (or care) Ryan Tannehill is an NFL-quarterback-to-be from Texas A&M. I heard the other day his draft stock was picking up and he had a chance to go play for Miami this fall. I had seen a success for Tannehill through his home in Texas and figured it'd be worth a try. Definitely a unique success of a guy who will undoubtedly be showing up with certified autos in football sets this fall. This one's going in the autograph binder-Many thanks to Mr. Tannehill!

Sent c/o home address 1/6/2012

Received 4/2/2012

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