Thursday, April 5, 2012

Redeemed from Retail Purgatory: 2007 Topps jumbo pack with gum (!)

So I was checking out the cards scene at Wally World today, looking for some non-2012 Topps wax. I'm not collecting the flagship this year, yahsee.
Under the shelf stuck in the back on top of some football blasters I found this little guy:When I went to the price-checker to see how much he cost, I got this readout:

*See sales associate*

In the checkout (with this and an Upper Deck pack from '07) my conversation with the sales associate went as follows:

Me: Hi, the price checker machine told me to ask you how much these cost.
Check out Lady: OK. (Scans packs several times, frowns) Hm.

Me: I got these from the card aisle.

Check out Lady: Let me get the manager and ask her about them. (Presses presumably magic manager summoner button)

Me and Checkout Lady: (Sounds of us waiting)

Checkout Lady: Let me go look. (leaves)

Shopper: (Starts stacking groceries behind me.)

Checkout Lady: (returns with sales associate #2) She says you can have both for $1.99.

Me: OK. (I push the thought out of my head that Target devotes the $1.59 repack box for packs like these.) I buy the cards.

So, without further ado, here we go:

#132 Ray Durham

#281 Chris Narveson RC

#7 Mickey Mantle-I'd be happier with this if I didn't know there were a zillion other Topps Mickey Mantle cards made over the last 6-7 years.

#170 Chien-Ming Wang

#209 Jonathan Broxton

#224 Matt Thornton

#75 Jered Weaver

#156 Ryan Theriot

#135 Troy Tulowitzki RC (Sweet! I have the 60 Years of Topps parallel of this card, too!)

#94 Willy Taveras

#314 Andruw Jones (A Brave, nice)

#129 Aramis Ramirez

#206 Ben Sheets

#4 Bengie Molina

#119 Michael Cuddyer

#73 Moises Alou

#290 Matt Holliday

#187 Matt Cain

#207 Mark Mulder
#109 Billy Wagner. Nice card.

#236 2006 Boston Red Sox. This would be their year...

#189 Carl Crawford

So that's that. All Series 1 cards, like Topps did last year or two ago-I remember buying a dollar pack of 2010 Series One like this. The Tulowitzki was the "hit" of the pack-a little redemption for this $2 pack.

#NNO Suspicious-looking gum

What's the rule for gum? I see no expiration date anywhere on this. I'm assuming 4-5 year old gum is no good-?

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