Saturday, January 4, 2014

Free Stuff: I'm giving away a box full of baseball cards!

UPDATE: It's GONE! Quickest-ending auction I've posted on Listia yet.

"I'll do anything for free stuff."
-Sandra Bullock
I'm calling it my Post-Holiday Blowout. I am, via the website Listia, giving away a box full of cardboard including a Yankees autographed card, Stephen Strasburg rookie card, and some vintage for good measure. If you're on Listia, I invite you come and bid; if you're not, why not sign up and bid? Go check it out!

Go check it out!


Daniel Wilson said...

I went to check it out, but it was already taken. It must have been good!

Chunter said...

I was honestly shocked how quickly it went! Maybe I should have had a higher Get-It-Now price...

Play at the Plate said...

I'd like a box full of Sandra Bullock.