Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cards from TribeCards (some up for grabs)

Hi all,
Been a little crazy for this blogger lately, as I try to find time in an increasingly busy schedule to post and am behind on scanning. It's kind of like approaching a traffic jam after doing 70 on the Interstate for an hour-that feeling of knowing you're entering the woods, and have yet to get out of them.
I recently got these in the mail from the benevolent David of Tribecards from his 182 Packs Giveaway done last year. Received some Tim Wallaches, which have since been sent to this other guy, and Greg Maddux cards:

Didn’t have either of these, which was nice! The Cubs card I may or may not keep-we’ll see.
The rest of this was random stuff (always fun):
Any of the above is up for grabs, if you see something you need. Also this:
Is available. This was a neat pop-up of Carlton Fisk from 1985 Donruss. You can kind of tell that Donruss melded 2/3 images (one of Fisk/the ground and one of the ceiling) to create this image. It fits nicely in two penny sleeves.
Thanks again to David, and check out this year’s giveaway if you haven’t already!

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