Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hey, Look: I Made A Trade This Big!

Pretty sweet, no?
Weston of Fantastic Catch and I completed a trade not-so-recently. This was partly some Group Break stuff, and partly some trade stuff from Weston. He's a great trader, and his blog Fantastic Catch is definitely worth a read.
These were some 2006 Upper Deck Ovation cards from the break. It's been said that these cards are very heavily embossed. They are.
But I hadn't seen the backs before, so now you can! I've always appreciated cards with different front and back photos.
This was a pretty cool card off Weston's Trade Bait page, and I will certainly give it a nice spot in the Braves binder!
This was one of several TTM doubles that Weston graciously sent me. This Jaso'll help fill my PC out too...
This is an Upper Deck First Edition Update (breath) David Eckstein.
A cool Chipper Jones card. I always thought it was so different how for the Spring Training shots, instead of bleachers and hot dog vendors, you have the omnipresent pine/palm trees in the background.
 Die-Cut Crime Dog...
 Followed by a Mad Dog.
Javier Lopez tagging out one Dante Powell on a 1998 Upper Deck card. Dante, interestingly enough, is listed on Baseball Reference as an outfielder and pinch runner. He only played a handful of games in his career spanning 5 years.
 Some Chippa!
 And some shiny Prado!
Topped off with some nice Topps inserts of ol' Hank. Thanks so much for the trade, Weston-looking forward to the next one!

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